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We have introduced a real-time web booking system! Your username is the email address that you gave when you joined the gym. Your password is the four-digit customer number that you received when you joined.


Group fitness classes almost every day of the week in the mornings and the evenings! Check out the timetables in the online booking system!


Aerobic training class, which develops strength and endurance. The energetic intervals combine sport-like aerobic movements as well as strength and body control.


In BodyCombat, you can find your own inner fighter. Time challenge your imaginary opponent's immersive music and various martial arts (such as karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai) techniques utilizing. Unleash Your Inner Warrior!


Effective weight training to the rhythm of music. This class is for anyone who wants to get a quick full body strength training workout. Bodypump will get noticeable results quickly.


Fast and effective workout in 30 minutes. The exercise challenge your muscles and concentration. CXWORX improves functional strength, balance and mobility, which will help prevent strain injuries. It also teaches you how to train abdominal muscles properly and increases your understanding of their importance for health.


Step class that bursts with energy and joy. The class utilizes a height-adjustable stepping board. Doing BODYSTEP regularly improves your aerobic fitness, co-ordination and strengthens your upper body and above all the leg muscles.


Yoga and Pilates-based class to the rhythm of peaceful music. Hourly strengthens the abdominals, back muscles and improves balance and mobility. Body Balance reduces muscle tension and stress. The class also improves your concentration and ability to be present in the moment.


Bodyvive is an easy and effective cross-training class which combines heart-rate increasing stepseries, as well as a functional whole-body strength training and mobility training. Everyone can move according to their own fitness level, so BODYVIVE is ideal for both beginner and veterans.


Power workout for the thigh, buttock and abdominal area. The class includes a warm-up as well as a muscle strengthening section. Weight plates and stepping board are used to increase resistance. The class does not include stretching. The program changes every four weeks. The class is suitable for everyone.


Core class is aimed at increasing the strength and mobility of the mid-section while developing the body as a whole. Kettlebells, weight plates and rubber bands are used for extra challenge.

KAHVAKUULA (kettlebell)

45-minute full body power training. Kettlebells of different weights are used for resistance. This class develops muscle strength, body control and coordination.

VENYTTELY (stretching)

This class improves your mobility while gently moving from one stretch to another. Enjoy and let your body relax.