The gym

The recently renovated 1000 m2 Ylämylly gym currently has over 50 different exercise machines and different areas dedicated to aerobic exercise, weight training and stretching.

Technogym equipment

Technogym SelectionLine equipment represent the best in the industry. Movement patterns are natural and the machines are easy to use and safe even for beginners.

Panatta plate-loaded machines

Panatta strength training equipment ergonomic design and optimized trajectories provide additional power for maximum performance, without risks!

Free weights

Free weights are separated in their own area, with more than 2500kg weightplates and dumbbells up to 70kg. There are also Smith machines, Powerracks and much more!

Aerobic training equipment

A wide range of aerobic training equipment complement the gym machines. There are cycles, steppers, crosstrainers, treadmills and a stairmachine. In addition, there are two high-quality punching bags in the group exercise class.

Gym instruction

The best way to begin working out is by taking a gym instruction session in which a tailored training program, based on your goals, is designed for you and instructed in the gym. We have several physiotherapists in case you have to train around injuries or have other issues that require special attention.

Personal training

Personal training helps you get more energy in your training and reach your goals faster. 3-month and 6-month Personal Training packages include personalized nutrition and exercise program as well as a meeting every two weeks. In addition, with subscription, you will receive 1 or 2 months of time on your gym pass for free!