Manual therapy

Manual treatment of the spine and limbs helps reduce neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches caused by office work and increase the range of motion in joints that have been injured or surgically operated.

Therapeutic exercise

The treatement is complemented by instructed gym training, which ensures the continuation of the rehabilitation after the physiotherapy sessions.

Neurological physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy helps those with neurological diseases, such as stroke and multiple sclerosis by helping maintain and develop their ability to function.

Occupational physiotherapy

Occupational physiotherapists evaluate work-related tasks and help workers maintain their health and physical function by guiding workers in ergonomics, resting periods and work aids.

Gym use

Physiotherapy clients with 10 and 15-session referrals receive a free five visit-pass to the gym!


LPG is a patented, natural and safe method of treatment in physiotherapy, sports and beauty care. The device creates a vacuum, which is connected rollers that operate independently in different directions and at different speeds. The treatment causes metabolic, neural and hormonal effects.

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